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Awakening Recovery

Hollywood and West Hollywood Areas, California; Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley, California; Santa Monica and Westside, California; Ventura or Santa Clarita Areas, California; Silverlake/ Echo Park Area, California; Venice/ Marina Del Rey Area, California; Downtown LA Area, California; Malibu area, California
Men Only
Our mission is to provide a safe and affordable long-term structured recovery home for those seeking lasting recovery from alcohol & drug addiction.  No one willing to recover through our rigorous process should be turned away for lack of funds, consequently we are a non-profit.  Our methods are simple but not easy – we require a year-long process which emphasizes:
•	Application of 12-Step philosophy in all aspects of one’s life
•	Accountability, rigorous honesty, and personal responsibility
•	The power of the group to lovingly confront character limitations

In the next 3 years our vision is to make Awakening Recovery THE model of long-term recovery, highlighting the effectiveness of our program to the treatment community, and bringing it to a broader audience in California and beyond.

Awakening Recovery is located in West Los Angeles, has 18 resident beds, and serves a population of men 18-32+ seeking recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Residents follow a rigorous year-long phase-up process employing a house structure based on the principles of the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, reinforced by a lovingly confrontational peer group.  

By the time a resident graduates from Awakening Recovery they have a job, have identified which graduate they are going to move out with, have confirmed a budget to be self supporting and are in the process of saving money to move out.

Room photos: