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Green Leaf Sober

Hollywood and West Hollywood Areas, California
323 718-0097
Green Leaf is a structured, yet relaxed, Sober living residence. We are not Co Ed per se, the property is a duplex with two separate floors. The women’s floor is located on the top floor, the men’s floor 
is located on the ground floor. 
Both sexes live separately, though they 
do interact on the outside backyard patio area and during our social functions.
Green Leaf’s goal is to help individuals who want to be sober live and learn in 
a calm, clean, organized environment. 
Our emphasis is on helping dual diagnosis  (people dealing with both substance abuse and emotional or psychological challenges) individuals gain the strength and support they need to abandon addiction and go forward in their lives.
We provide meals, transportation to medical appointments, assistance with job seeking,  aid with obtaining financial for college classes, and provide many other resources available to our clients.

Room photos: