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In Balance

Tucson Area, Arizona
In Balance has 5 sober living homes located near our Transitional Living and Collegiate Recovery Campuses. The homes vary in sizes but range from an 8 bedroom to a 3 bedroom house. The houses are: Catalina House, Mabel House, Norris House, Edison House, and the Palo Verde House. The sober living homes are optional step down houses exclusively for our residents who have successfully graduated our program. We have around 85% of our residents moving to Tucson after they graduate from our young adult program. These homes are fantastic options for our residents, giving them a continued sense of community and belonging that they want to continue. The houses are in prime locations for Tucson, and are relatively close to our main campuses. 

All five houses are located between Speedway and Grant Rd, and between Campbell and Alvernon. The houses are nice, furnished, centrally located houses with backyards, BBQs and fun recreational areas. Their vicinity to each other creates a great brotherhood and community atmosphere. All houses are one person to a room and have great kitchens, living rooms, and relaxing areas. Two of the houses are located across the street from the University of Arizona providing a great college living situation.

Room photos: