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Newcomer House

Jacksonville Area, Florida
Women Only
(386) 265-4955
Our purpose is to provide structured and stable environments for women recovering from the disease of addiction. 
We set the highest standards of care to enable personal growth, a foundation of development for long term recovery, and improving the quality of life while becoming a productive member of society.

Avenues 12 Women’s Recovery Houses were founded and established with  
the philosophy that recovery from the disease of alcoholism and substance abuse requires a clean, healthy, and sober environment.  An additional piece of the recovery puzzle involves bridging the gap between treatment centers and homelessness while integrating into daily family and societal life.  These recovery residences strive to provide a structured and stable atmosphere that facilitates personal growth and accomplishment, including the support and resources necessary for these women to create a new life.
    Avenues 12 Women’s Recovery Houses are certified through the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR), which is an affiliate of the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR). FARR certifies compliance with NARR standards that define the quality and spectrum of recovery oriented housing and services for those recovering from alcohol and substance abuse. Avenues 12 offers four (4) stages of housing to meet the needs from beginners to long term sustainability at our sober living apartments.

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