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Pure Life Sober Living

Orlando Area, Florida; Jacksonville Area, Florida; Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Florida; Tampa Area, Florida; Tallahassee Area, Florida; Fort Myers Area, Florida; Gainesville Area, Florida; Sarasota Area, Florida; Boca Raton area, Florida
Women Only
Pure Life Sober Living is essential for women transitioning into a new, clean life.  The most important thing you can do in your life is keep all of the hard work you have put into remaining sober. Let this be a testament that recovery is possible! 

Residents often work harder not to relapse and remain clean. They WANT to stay longer with us versus going back to into treatment.  Becoming a resident is an integral part of your success.  Living with us is...

*Inexpensive & affordable
*Allows family members peace of mind
*Surrounded by peers reducing loneliness & not feeling judged
*Learning patience, communicate with others, and interpersonal issues
*Eliminate the risks
*Reinstallation of basic life skills such as finances, cleanliness, working & living in society
*Comfortable, safe & calm surroundings
*Guidance and support 24/7 from House Manager & Director

Reach out to us with questions or for a tour!