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Silicon Beach Womens

Venice/ Marina Del Rey Area, California
Women Only
(877) 846-5073
The Silicon Beach Sober Living community consists of beautiful, modern, sunny and welcoming homes in Playa Del Rey, CA; each just a short walk from the beautiful beach. Strategically located near esteemed college campuses and renowned treatment centers, Silicon Beach Sober Living is positioned in the middle of a vibrant community of people, hailing from all walks of life. Our house and the surrounding sober environment strive on a daily basis to live happy, healthy and productive lives. Upon entry to the house, each resident is interviewed at length to find out their personal goals and perceived difficulties.

Clients residing in the sober living can choose to participate in nutrition classes and social outings in Los Angeles and Hollywood, as well as recreational excursions to California’s beaches and mountains. Building full, meaningful, purpose driven lives is at the crux of getting and staying healthy and sober.  Silicon Beach Sober Living has an active presence in the recovery community and regularly pursues and engages in volunteer and charitable services.

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